Jun 02, 2018

More skeletal remains emerge from Mannar mass grave (video) Featured

More skeletal parts have been discovered during the fifth day of excavations of the mass grave site discovered at the Mannar Sathosa stores complex.

According to the regional correspondents, the specialised group of forensics experts headed by the Mannar Chief Medical Judicial Officer had sifted through the sandy soil and discovered human skeletal parts resembling human teeth and jaw bones and bones resembling human hands. 

Prior to the methodical excavations, some of the bones had been damaged by the excavations using a backhoe. Hence, the JMO W.R.A.S. Rajapaksha said investigations have become harder as most of the bones are damaged. 

Initially, the human skeletal remains were discovered on May 16, during excavations for a new building at the Sathosa stores complex on the main Medawachchiya-Mannar road. 

Excavations had commenced subsequent to the initial investigation carried out by the District Judge M.M. Alex Raja on May 28. 

The head of the Archaeology Post Graduate Institute Prof. Raj Somadeva and his team are scheduled to determine the time frame of the mass grave, while the Government Analyst’s Department is also expected to assist them.