Jun 02, 2018

Cleopatra deaths covered up because of Jina Madam! Featured

The investigations into the deaths of the British ruggerites have been hushed up by the police, it is reported.

The police have so far been unable to determine whether the highly potent drugs that they had ingested, which is suspected to be the cause of their death, had been obtained locally or if they had brought it to the country.

It is also reported that even the British High Commission is not showing great interest in this investigation.

The two British Ruggerites had died after they had returned from the Cleopatra Night Club run by the son of ‘Jina Madam’ who supplies prostitutes to various powerful figures in the country including politicians and the affluent clientele.

It was also revealed that ten British ruggerites had visited that particular club that day. The British rugby team had arrived in the country for a friendly tournament with the Colombo CR&FC rugger team and the Navy rugby team.

Thomas Andrew Norward and Bret Thomas were the two ruggerites who had died in Sri Lanka while they were being treated at a private hospital in Colombo in a critical condition.

During the autopsy…

Giving evidence, five of the British ruggerites had said that the two had no previous illness nor had they sustained any injury during the match played against CR&FC.

They also revealed that the British rugby team had won the match against CR&FC and had partaken in a dinner that was organised for them by the local club and consumed beer. They had returned to their hotel, Kingsbury and had later gone to the Cleopatra night club and consumed beer and had enjoyed themselves there.

The team mates in their evidence had said that the group had returned to the hotel around midnight and that they felt that their two team mates were highly intoxicated by then.

They had told the court that their two teammates were found in a critical condition in their rooms the next day (Sunday), upon which they had got an ambulance and rushed the two teammates to a private hospital in Colombo.