Jun 06, 2018

 Police nabs pickpocketing “Pocket grandma”

A 75-year-old woman known as “Pocket grandma” who had hoodwinked people at a shop in Nawalapitiya and stolen a wallet has been arrested by the Nawalapitiya Police.

The suspect is a resident of the Nawalapitiya, Weralugashinna area.  

She had gone to a gas store and told the two female sales girls that she does not understand how to select a gas cylinder and urged them to select one for her.

While they were selecting the gas cylinder, she had pickpocketed the wallet of a female customer who had come to the store. She had then told them that she would bring a three wheeler to take the gas cylinder and escaped. The woman who lost her wallet had searched the whole area for this old woman as she had valuables in her wallet.