Jun 07, 2018

‘White flag witness’ flees to England Featured

TNA MP Chandrakanthan Chandra Nehru, said to be the only witnesses to the LTTE white flag incident, fled Sri Lanka to England on June 05.

Speaking over the phone, he said his complaints to several top government leaders that he had no protection in the country had gone unheeded.

Chandra Nehru said the former defence secretary did not extend the license for his firearm either.

rohan chandranheruThe most immediate reason for his having fled the country is that his bodyguard, rehabilitated LTTE member Vinayagarasa Prasanthan, had been remanded on a false allegation that he had snatched a chain from a woman.

Chandra Nehru’s father MP Ariyanayagam Chandra Nehru was killed as he had been returning from a tsunami relief meeting on 07 February 2005.

K. Pushpakumar alias Iniabharati, head of the TMVP’s Tirukkovil office, is suspected of being linked to the killing.iniyabharathi tmvp 

Journalist Marie Colvin, who was killed in Syria in a shell attack, had broken the White Flag case.

Here is an extract from Marie Colvin’s article about Chandra Nehru’s role 

I discovered that on Sunday night Nadesan had also called Rohan Chandra Nehru, a Tamil MP in the Sri Lankan parliament, who immediately contacted Rajapaksa.

The MP recounted the events of the next hours: The president himself told me he would give full security to Nadesan and his family. Nadesan said he had 300 people with him, some injured.

I said to the president, I will go and take their surrender.

Rajapaksa said, No, our army is very generous and very disciplined. There is no need for you to go to a war zone. You don t need to put your life at risk.

Chandra Nehru said Basil, the president s brother, called him. He said, They will be safe. They have to hoist a white flag. And he gave me the route they should follow.

The MP got through to Nadesan at about 6.20 am local time on Monday. The sound of gunfire was louder than ever.

We are ready, Nadesan told him. I’m going to walk out and hoist the white flag.

I told him: Hoist it high, brother-they need to see it. I will see you in the evening, said Chandra Nehru.