Jun 13, 2018

Doctor refuses seat to monk, bus taken to police

A doctor who was occupying the seat allocated for the clergy, had refused to give up the seat to a buddhist monk using his political might, and the bus, along with the passengers was taken to the police, it was reported.

A bus travelling on the Colombo-Bibila route was crowded and the seat reserved for the clergy was also occupied by passengers.

In the Warakapola area, three Buddhist monks had got into the bus and were travelling to Bibila. While other passengers had given up their seat to the Buddhists monks, a person claiming to be a medical superintendent had refused to give up his seat despite a polite request by the conductor to do so, explaining to him that it was the ethical practice.

However, the doctor had argued with the conductor on his rights and refused to give up his seat.

The situation had escalated and the angry doctor had got off the bus in Kandy.

However, the doctor had notified the incident to a relative who is a political figure and he in turn had instructed the bus, together with the passengers to be taken to the Mahiyanganaya Police.

The commuters had faced great inconvenience due to this incident and the situation was later resolved based on the intervention of the OIC of the Mahiyanganaya Police CI Chandana Wijesekara.



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