Dec 11, 2016

1,200 security guards at Water Board to lose jobs Featured

The National Water Board has refused to extend the services of LRDC Services Pvt. Ltd. that had been in charge of its security for 17 years.

As a result, the UDA-affiliate security firm is unable to give a job guarantee to its more than 1,200 employees, leaving alone granting the salary increment due to them.

A spokesman for LRDC alleged the Water Board had taken the decision in view of a government notification with regard to an increase in the salaries of the security guards.

Subject minister Rauff Hakeem has agreed to continue with its services, but a mafia of officials is preventing the extension of the service by the security firm, and is planning to handover the task to a private security firm.

According to sources in the institution, the person behind this plan is its working director and security superintendent Sumith Samarasekara.