Jun 18, 2018

Security beefed up in Jaffna (Pics)

Security has been beefed up in Jaffna after one person was shot dead last night (17) during a church feast in the Mallakam area.

The victim has identified as Pakyarasa Sudarshan (31) a resident of the Mallakam.

A tense situation has occurred at the Thilippalai - Mallakam junction between two youth groups from the Mallakam and Chunnakam areas. A constable and sergeant of the Chunnakam police had been passing the area on duty, when they had come across the groups brandishing clubs and swords at each other.

According to regional correspondent - Madhava Kulasuriya, the officers' attempts to disperse the group had reportedly gone awry with the group turning on the police instead, leading to the policemen firing shots.

The remains of Pakyarasa Sudarshan are at the Thelippalai hospital.

The STF has been deployed in the Mallakam area.

Police stations in Thelippalai and Chunnakkam are conducting further investigations.

(Pics : Madhava Kulasuriya)