Jun 21, 2018

Engineer tortures girl over 10 years

An engineer who had tortured and molested a girl over a period of ten years had been ordered to be remanded until July 02 by the Matara Chief Magistrate Pavitra Sanjeewani Pathirana yesterday (20).

The arrested engineer is Asanga Viraj Ekanayake, a 45-year-old resident of Akuressa, Paraduwa Paragahahena attached to the Galle Road Development Authority.

The girl who is now 18 years and 08 months old, had not been able to endure the harassment any further and had fled the suspect’s estate and complained to the Divisional Police Women’s and Children’s Bureau OIC Waruni Keshala Bogahawatte by phone.

Accordingly, an investigation was initiated and the girl had been brought to Matara and upon questioning, the atrocities committed by the suspect engineer had been revealed.

The girl together with her mother had been residing at the 4 acre tea and rubber estate belonging to the suspect engineer and she had been subjected to cruelty and molest by the engineer from the age of around 08 years.

Her mother had been taking care of the estate, plucking tea and tapping rubber and attending to all other chores on the estate.

On one occasion since a bus conductor had looked at the girl’s face, the suspect engineer had cut the girls long hair with a sword and thrown acid on her face. But when she ducked to avoid the acid hitting her face, she had sustained burns on her back. The police had also inspected the acid burns on her back.

The engineer had then brought a doctor to the estate and treated her burns.

Unable to bear the harassment and torture, the girl had fled the estate last year but the suspect had published notices in popular newspapers seeking her return. Initial police investigations had revealed that having located the girl, she had been returned to the estate with the assistance of the police.

Last week too, when the girl had fled the estate, the suspect had lodged a complaint with the Akuressa Police.

Accordingly, on the approval of the Matara Division SP Gayanga Hasantha Marapone the OIC of the Women’s and Children’s Bureau Waruni Bogahawatte and team had commenced investigations and arrested the suspect yesterday (20) on suspicion in Akuressa.