Jun 29, 2018

Prayers at Sugathadasa rob world champ of a training venue

Athlete Aruna Dharshana from Serunuwara, Kanthale, and his coach - Asanka are yet to receive facilities for their training in preparation for the upcoming athletics meet in Finland, the Center for Human Rights (CHR - Sri Lanka) said in a statement.

Aruna Dharshana, who is currently ranked fifth in world athletic rankings is scheduled to leave the country in the first week of July to participate in this meet.

The statement by the CHR noted, “As the Sugathadasa Stadium has been given for a prayer meeting Aruna would not be able to use this facility for training over the next few days. The whole world has their eyes on this athlete and if Sri Lanka cannot offer him the facilities for his training, the only alternative is to give him the opportunity to fly to Finland and train there. Yet, no action has been taken in this regard by the sports authorities.”

“Yesterday Aruna Dharshana had been given the equipment needed by him for the Finland meet on a private level. Yet no one who is helping him has the ability to provide him a suitable training ground. The CHR had earlier written to the Sports Ministry Secretary Kamal Padmasiri requesting for training facilities. Having had no response the CHR had sent a second reminder to Kamal Padmasiri today (29).”