Jul 02, 2018

Gold poson lantern (Pics)

A lantern with six side lanterns made out of gold has been made by 40-year-old Chamila Pradeep Kumara, a resident of Thalawa, Kurundugahahathapma for the Poson festival.

He is employed in the jewellery industry. According to Chamila Pradeep, around 180 grams of gold have been used for this creation which is estimated to be around Rs. 850,000.

This is the first time that a lantern has been created out of gold and its main structure consists of two frames and is made to rotate.

Expressing his views on this masterpiece, Chamila said, “I wanted to do something novel. I have been engaged in the jewellery industry for many years and I have been overseas for some time. There too I engaged in the jewellery industry. I made this creation with the gold that I had collected through my work. I had to purchase the rest of the gold needed.

It took me around six months to complete this creation and every aspect of the lantern was created solely by me. This is a very intricate piece or craftsmanship. I managed to complete it just a week prior to Poson. This lantern is around 150 grams in weight and it was initially displayed at the Ovakanda Sri Jaya Bodhi Viharaya.

Thereafter, I also displayed this lantern at the Uragaha Hipankanda play ground. This must be the first lantern made of gold ever produced in the country. In fact, I received great assistance from my wife in creating this masterpiece,” he said.

(Pics by Suneth Gallage – Galle Correspondent)