Jul 03, 2018

The LTTE should re-emerge - Wijayakala

If the Northern Tamil people are to live in peace without fear, the LTTE needs to raise its head again, said Women and Child Affairs State Minister Wijayakala Maheswaran yesterday (02).

She said this joining in the 8th session of the ‘President’s social service’ programme held in Jaffna.

Speaking in Tamil, she criticized the government. “The women in the North are facing grave difficulties. Recently a six-year-old was murdered in Jaffna. If the LTTE was active, there would not be room for such fates.”

“Similarly, President Maithripala Sirisena is also only concerned about developing his party. He is not making any effort to resolve the problems faced by the Northern people. Even the President has failed to save the Tamil people,” she added.

“When I look at the incidents taking place in Jaffna and the North, I am proud of how we Tamils lived prior to May 18, 2009. Under these circumstances, the LTTE should re-emerge. This is our primary motive. If we are to live and walk on the streets freely and if our children are to attend schools and return home safely, the LTTE should raise its head in the North and East,” she said.