Jul 03, 2018

Road collapses obstructing travel (pics)

The bridge and road at Kibissa on the Kandalama – Sigiriya main road had sunk almost two months ago and the authorities have still not taken any measures to repair the damage and restore accessibility causing the villagers and road users grave inconvenience.

This road was constructed by the Central Provincial Council and is the shortest route to many of the prominent hotels in the area. However, with the road being out of use, many of the tourists visiting Sigiriya from these hotels have to use alternative routes.

Most of the busses do not ply this route because of the damaged bridge which is forcing many schoolchildren to walk for several kilometers on foot. Further, a portion of about a foot is left on the bridge and some motorcyclists attempt to cross through this narrow gap putting their lives in danger.

The residents have threatened to stage a protest obstructing the main Sigiriya road if the bridge is not repaired within a week.

When we visited the area, we witnessed a vehicle carrying foreign tourists having to turn back due to the broken bridge.

The residents allege that after around a year after the bridge was constructed, it showed signs of caving in and the contractors had come and tarred over it covering the damage. They say that despite complaining to all the relevant authorities, no action was taken to repair the road.

This road comes under the Central Provincial Council and when we contacted Provincial Councilor Tissa Bandara Herath, he said that he would look into the matter and notify the council about it.

 Pics by Kanchana Kumara Ariyadasa – Dambulla Correspondent