Jul 04, 2018

Attorney General to decide Vijayakala’s fate! Featured

Contrary to media reports last night (03), the prime minister has not asked the president to relieve Vijayakala Maheswaran of the state minister for children and women’s affairs position temporarily, according to a spokesman for the presidential secretariat.

When contacted, a senior UNP minister said the premier has proposed such a step in view of Maheswaran’s controversial remark in Jaffna that the LTTE should return, but that several ministers have stressed the need to act according to an order by speaker Karu Jayasuriya for an investigation into the matter.

Therefore, a decision on her position will not be taken until the attorney general gives a ruling, said the minister.

Jayasuriya yesterday decided to ask the AG to look into if the state minister’s remark if it amounted to a violation of the constitution or the existing laws.

The matter heated up parliament and sittings were put off until this morning.

UNP backbenchers want her out

However, the UNP backbenchers have asked the party leadership to remove Maheswaran from all her positions.

Speaking to the media after the House sittings, MP Thushara Indunil Amarasena said they have made such a request.

Not the UNP’s stand

Harin“…No Prabhakaran for the north, no Hitler for the south…” – Harin FernandoMeanwhile, UNP spokesman Harin Fernando says the state minister’s remark does not amount to the stand of the party.

He told the media at Sirikotha that a disciplinary inquiry would be conducted against her on the instruction of the party chairman.

She will be summoned to Colombo on Friday when she will speak to the media, he said.

Fernando added that the UNP would never allow a Prabhakaran for the north or a Hitler for the south.

The party is of the stand that it is a serious offence for a people’s representative to justify a separatist movement after having given an oath that no direct or indirect support would be given to divide the country.

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