Jul 04, 2018

Cancer drug prices reduced

By July the price of costly cancer drugs would be reduced to a minimum of around Rs. 64,000, said Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne.

The Ayurveda Department and Ingiriya Provincial Secretariat jointly established a nutrition centre in the Ingiriya town and the minister made this statement during the opening of this centre.

The minister further said, “The price of cancer drugs stood at around Rs. 285,000 and we took measures to reduce it to around Rs. 144,000 by introducing a cancer drug manufactured in Russia. Another two cancer drug companies have applied for registration. The drug treatment limit for cancer patients was Rs. 1.5 million. However, I took measures to remove that limit, allowing for the continued treatment for cancer patients. Earlier treatment costs for cancer patients was only around 1300 million but today even if the cost rises to Rs. 4800 million, patients would not be deprived of their required treatment. Earlier, cancer patients dies due to the lack of money for their treatment, but they were made to believe that it was due to the lack of drugs as they did not know these limitations and restrictions. However, our government does not deprive these patients of their continued treatment and we are committed to providing these cancer patients with the continuous treatment required no matter what the cost is.”