Jul 05, 2018

Mihin Lanka scam exposed

Mihin Lanka Airline had failed to pay the wages to over 100 employees including herself for a period of nine months from April 2008, said former Mihin Lanka Ground Handling Manager Ingrid Cathleen Guruge, giving evidence before the Sri Lankan Airlines, Sri Lankan Catering and the Mihin Lanka Presidential Commission yesterday (04).

She said that these employees had worked for the nine months without being paid and even later, their arrears payments were not made. She said this in response to questions posed by retired Supreme Court Judge Anil Gunaratne.

Guruge said that these workers had worked despite not being paid for the betterment of the airline, but they had not received their wages even under the new management. However, it was not revealed before the commission as to how much was due as wage arrears payments.

She noted that during that none months Mihin Lanka did not own any aircrafts and the aircrafts they used were those that were leased.

Subsequently, Anura Bandara was appointed as the CEO replacing Sajin Vass, but although there was a 30 member ground handling team appointed by Mihin Lanka, the ground handling activities was handled by Sri Lankan Airlines and this was the situation that prevailed at the inception.

Guruge further revealed that Mihin Lanka was set up as a budget airline and generally budget airlines do not provide meals on board and passengers are charged for their luggage, but Mihin allowed free luggage facilities and also provided meals on board.