Jul 10, 2018

Buddhist Congress chief accused of wrongdoing (video) Featured

A protest is planned in front of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress in Colombo, starting at 2.30 pm today (10) against its president Jagath Sumathipala, who is accused of misusing the ACBC assets and running an anti-constitutional administration.

The CID is investigating a complaint against these wrongdoings filed by a member of the ACBC.

Today’s demonstration against Sumathipala will be carried out by a group styled as the organization to protect the ACBC, led by its ex-president Sudath Devapura.

Speaking to us, Devapura especially noted that the accounts of the ACBC had not been approved at the last general meeting.

A promise to rectify the accounts and to convene a special meeting to obtain approval was yet to be done, according to him.

Devapura also said discussions were held with the Buddha Sasana minister with regard to a letter sent by a member of his group that points out irregularities in the ACBC.

These matters will be raised with the president, prime minister and the speaker as well, he said.

The ex-president also accused the incumbent of getting his personal needs fulfilling by showing to the World Buddhist Congress a book of evidence compiled against religious conversions.

Lawyer Jayatilake Dissanayake, a member of the commission that prepared the report described it as a useless one, he said.

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