Jul 10, 2018

Robbers raid Puttalam train, disrupts electrical circuit (Pics) Featured

The train from Puttalam to Colombo experienced an electrical malfunction yesterday, causing a delay of about an hour which greatly inconvenienced passengers.

The passenger and goods train travels from Colombo to Puttalam as 411 and returns to Colombo as 817. On the same day, when the train was traveling from Colombo to Puttalam, between Chilaw and Puttalam an organized group had damaged the main power supply circuit and meticulously removed and stolen the copper wires in it, according to the technical officers who examined the power circuit.

It is suspected that drug addicts, who are rampant in the area between Chilaw and Puttalam, may have committed this robbery.

When contacted the officials at the Puttalam railway station said that the relevant cables are made of copper and fetches a high price in the open market. They noted that the government has to bear such losses constantly.

They stated that the main reason for these robberies is the lack of guard rooms and the guards not performing their duties properly.

(Pics : Priyankara Kalupahana – Puttalam Correspondent)











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