Jul 11, 2018

Protest against giving the Army land from Jaffna Fort (video) Featured

A protest has taken place against a plan to establish an Army camp in a six acre area within the four-centuries-old Jaffna Fort, radiogagana.com reports.

Tamil parties and civil society organizations accuse the Archaeology Department of allowing the Army to destroy artifacts in the Tamil land, it says.

According to Jaffna district secretary N. Vedanayagam, the Army has asked for land from the Fort, saying they do not have enough land as they were vacating civilian land in the north.

Governor Reginald Cooray last November recommended the handover despite objections by the northern provincial council and the Jaffna Municipal Council.

Different plans & different laws

TNA provincial councilor Ponnudurai Ingaranesan who participated in the protest alleged the government was using different plans to allow the Army to remain in the province.

Alleging the government was unconcerned by a destruction of the Jaffna Fort as it was located in the Tamil land, he said different laws were in force for Sinhalese and Tamils even in matters of archaeology.

The star-shaped Jaffna Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1618.

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