Jul 13, 2018

Teacher gets life sentence for smuggling Cocaine

A teacher from the Czech Republic who had admitted to the charges against her, was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Negombo High Court Judge Amal Ranaraja yesterday (12).

She was apprehended at the BIA when she had attempted to smuggle 5 kg and 518 grams of Cocaine from Colombia to Thailand via Sri Lanka. She was on transit in Sri Lanka. The

The value of the stash of Cocaine is Rs. 50 million. The 42-year-old Czech teacher is Clematova Markiteen. The Sri Lankan Customs officials had apprehended the suspect while she was in transit in Sri Lanka en route to Thailand, based on a tip-off on August 14, 2015.

The Customs had confiscated the stock of Cocaine that was concealed in the book covers of a large stock of children’s books that were in her possession.

State Attorney Vishwa Wijesooriya conducted the case on behalf of the plaintiff, while senior Attorney Manesh Wawita appeared for the defense. Police Constable R.R.M. Silva of the Narcotics Bureau assisted the plaintiff.