Jul 13, 2018

Definite death penalty for drug smugglers - Mahinda

Based on a concept of Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera, under the ‘Api Wawalai api kanne’ (We grow our own food) agriculture development programme’s third programme ‘Wew dahasak – gam dahasak’ (thousand tanks and villages) programme was initiated in Galkadawala, Mahagiriulla, Nikaweratiya yesterday (12).

In its first stage, 370 small tanks would be renovated at a cost of Rs. 9000 million.

Ministers S.B Navinna, Indika Bandaranayake and many others participated in this event.

Under the ‘we grow what we eat’ programme, a million jak tree planting programme was launched, while work on 300 tanks countrywide was also launched yesterday.

Addressing the gathering, Minister Amaraweera said, “No other government had allocated so much for the development of the agriculture sector as our government has. Under this programme, the President has provided Rs. 9000 million for the thousand tanks – thousand villages initiative, Rs. 12,000 million for the renovation of tanks and Rs. 65,000 million for the development of villages, within this year.

Although there is a notion that the country is experiencing a wave of crimes, it is not so. Several drug smugglers who are in prison are carrying out their drug operations from within the prisons. The whole Cabinet unanimously supported the President’s proposal to enact the death sentence for these notorious criminals. Similarly, various parties are lobbying to halt this decision. But, what has the country gained by these drug smugglers and criminals? However, the government will not reverse its decision under any circumstance and the enforcement of the death penalty for these convicted drug smugglers will definitely be implemented,” he said.