Jul 19, 2018

‘Rajapaksas mislead people, using bribe money for selling the country’ Featured

Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam says he unreservedly condemns attempts by the Rajapaksas to mislead the people by using the money they had amassed by way of bribes for selling the country outright to foreigners.

The general secretary of the UNP made the remark in parliament today (19) during the debate on the controversial ‘News York Times’ report.

He said the people should understand this reality.

Quoting former foreign secretary and ex-ambassador to China Nihal Rodrigo, the NYT has exposed how the Rajapaksa regime, without stopping at selling the country, leaked intelligence information to other countries, said Kariyawasam.

Agreeing to every condition imposed by China Harbour company, the Rajapaksas had obtained their habitual bribes from every deal.

He recalled how the late Sripathi Suriyaarachchi had exposed to the House how Basil Rajapaksa gave leadership to bribing the LTTE, prevented voting in the northeast and gained power in 2005.

Tsunami aid swindled

A former chief justice admitted he was sorry the law was not enforced against Mahinda Rajapaksa after he swindled money in the Helping Hambantota tsunami aid account, said Kariyawasam.

No one forgets how the Rajapaksas ignored a Supreme Court order to sell petrol at Rs. 100 per litre to prevent the loss to the people from the hedging deal, at a time when they had sold it at Rs. 160 per litre.

People should understand these frauds and deceptions, which are nothing new to the Rajapaksas, he charged.

Kariyawasam asked the chairman of the Elections Commission to inquire into the deception involving Chinar Harbour company.

It has now come to light how a private account of the wife of Basil Rajapaksa had nearly Rs. 20 million credited to it and how the cheques were cashed and most other details are now available.

The accused are not present at the debate today, he noted, adding that the people have to pay for what the Rajapaksas had done to the country.

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