Jul 20, 2018

Tissa to form political movement to target presidential polls Featured

Former general secretary of the UNP Tissa Attanayake is going to start a new political movement by December to serve as the decisive force at the next presidential election.

Speaking in Kandy, he said an office of the new party would be opened in Colombo.

Attanayake said he observed during a three-and-half-year watch on the country’s politics that no party has changed to suit the needs of the people.

As a long-standing activist of the UNP, he said he found party supporters to be deeply disappointed with their aspirations lost.

A platform for dejected UNP supporters

Attanayake said the party he was going to form would serve as a platform for those UNP supporters as well as the moderates.

He said doors are open for them to join him.

According to him, a person not expected by anyone will contest the presidential polls, and that his party will take up role of the kingmaker.