Jul 20, 2018

EU awaits govt. response over death penalty decision Featured

An imposition of death penalty for drug trafficking will definitely come in the way of Sri Lanka getting the GSP plus export concession, head of the political, commerce and communication division of the European Commission Paul Godfrey has told ‘Ravaya’.

He said the EU expected a response from the president and other relevant authorities to a statement it has issued with regard to the matter.

Describing bilateral dealings as being cordial, Godfrey declined to say what action the EU would take if the government response was unfavourable.

In its statement, the EU diplomatic missions said that they strongly and unequivocally oppose capital punishment in all circumstances and in all cases.

They have requested the president to maintain the moratorium on the implementation of the death penalty and to uphold Sri Lanka’s tradition of opposition to capital punishment.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has written to the president, asking him to abandon the idea of re-imposing the death penalty.

The international acclaim the country has earned by entering a democratic path could suffer a setback by the decision, the HRCSL said.