Jul 21, 2018

Naguleliya village gets inaccessible houses! (Pics) Featured

Residents in the Naguleliya fishing village are facing a new dilemma after authorities have yet to build a bridge to reach the new houses which were built for them.

The village of Naguleliya in the Arachchikattuwa area, is located between a land strip between the sea and the Rambathala Oya.

Due to severe coastal erosion prevailing throughout several years, many houses of the village have collapsed, compelling villagers to seek shelter in coconut-leaf thatched huts.

In response to their grievances, authorities have built them 26 houses at the cost of Rs. 1,81,00,000. The construction materials had been brought across a vast distance through the Muthpathtthiya isle despite the existence of a shorter road from Arachchikattuwa, through the Vairankattuwa village.

However, as a bridge has not been built across the Rambathala Oya which runs across the route leading to the houses, a complication has arisen on its inauguration and handing over, although 90% of the construction work is already over.

Speaking on this regard, Puttalam District secretary - N.H.M. Chithrananda said that it has been notified that the bridge required a sum of Rs. 90 million and accumulating that sum has become an issue.

(Pics : Jude Samantha - Puttalam Correspondent)