Jul 21, 2018

Entire country aware of military's might - Army commander Featured

Discussions with high ranked officers are currently underway on how to work according to the police powers proposed to be vested to the tri-forces, Army commander - Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake had said to the 'Silumina' newspaper.

The Army commander said that he was informed of this after cabinet approval was obtained for vesting the tri-forces with police powers for a limited time period. Accordingly, discussions were held with the police, STF and intelligence units on how to tackle the drug menace, he added.

He further said that all drug dealers would be brought to book if the military was vested with police powers and this will not be an issue for a military who had defeated one of the worst terrorist outfits in the world.

Noting that the entire country is aware of the might of the military, the Army commander had further stated that all measures would be taken in accordance with the powers they will be vested with.

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