Jul 25, 2018

CEB tries to reinstall electricity pole removed at consumer’s request Featured

The CEB has removed an electricity pole at a consumer’s request, only to attempt within days to install another pole at the same location.

The consumer, Chamilani Wickramanayake of 496 J, Evarihena, Thalangama North had paid Rs. 83,560 to the CEB to get the pole removed from in front of her house.


However, regional engineer of the CEB M. Janaka Gunapala had tried to install a pole at the same location, informing Wickramanayake that another consumer has asked for it.

That has been done without charging from the second consumer, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' has found out.


towernew1 New electricity pole

Attempts to reach engineer Gunapala on his mobile phone failed.

Thereafter, a call was given to the land telephone of the regional engineer, and the person who answered said he was not Gunapala, gave an explanation, but asked not to publish it. 

The regional engineer’s office says no decision has been taken yet whether a pole would be reinstalled.

'Sri Lanka Mirror' made inquiries and found out that the consumers in question had bought their lands from Prime Lands, and that the road on which this particular electricity post was located was a public road.