Jul 25, 2018

Conspiracy to sabotage school education!

Education minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam says certain trade unions are trying to sabotage school education.

He urges the public to identify this danger and act appropriately.

Speaking to the media at his ministry yesterday (24), Kariyawasam asked TUs not to play with children’s education, referring to a strike called by them tomorrow.

He said TUs could fight for rights, but that that should not disrupt the education and examinations.

The minister accused certain educational authorities of intimidating principals, teachers and students, and said an inquiry would be conducted against them.

No positions given as claimed

He said the strike was planned at a time when action was being taken to ensure justice, without regarding political affiliations, to educational officers who had been denied their promotions, salary increments etc.

He denied accusations that those officers have been given new positions, stressing that only the increments and grades due to them were granted.

If the TUs are dissatisfied, they could seek legal redress without sabotaging education, he said