Jul 25, 2018

"Teachers strike in South isn't unfair"

The teachers' strike will be held tomorrow (26) regardless of any hindrance, says chief secretary of the Ceylon Teachers' Union - Mahinda Jayasinghe.

Eleven trade unions are to join the strike, he added.

Meanwhile, the convener of the National Education Workers' Union - S. P. Pathmeliya said that the strike in the southern province is not unfair at all.

"I do not know of other provinces, but the teachers' strike in the Southern province is fair. During the last 09 years, I functioned as the minister of education for the province. If anyone faced political harassment, it should have come from my end. So I know for a fact that no such thing took place. And I would not have allowed anything as such either. If such a thing did happen, they can tell any politician of the southern region that this particular incident took place. Preferential treatment is to be given to those who have backed a certain political party, under the guise of compensation for political harassment. Therefore, tomorrow's strike in the South is not unfair.