Jul 31, 2018

Karaoke bar at former minister’s premises

The Colombo city Excise officers raided a Karaoke bar yesterday (30) which was located at a house in Colombo 07 that was rented from a former minister.

and confiscated 121 beer cans that were stocked for sale without a valid license.

According to the Colombo City Excise Inspector Chanaka Nanayakkara, this Karaoke bar had been functioning close to a popular girl’s school and a worker had been taken into custody during the raid.

Although this establishment had been issued a license last year, due to public protests the license had not been issued this year.

It has been revealed that this establishment is being owned and operated by a Chinese national and as they do not possess a valid license to sell liquor, they purchase the liquor and sell it illegally.

It is also said that this Karoake bar is only open to Chinese nationals employed at various projects in the country.

The arrested worker has been released on bail and the confiscated stock of beer is scheduled to be produced in the Maligakanda Magistrate’s Court.