Aug 05, 2018

Dinesh, not to become Opp. leader? Featured

The request made to appoint Dinesh Gunawardena as the opposition leader is likely to be rejected, as a portion of the UPFA remains in the government, political sources say.

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has sought the opinion of UPFA General Secretary - Mahinda Amaraweera on this regard, and the latter is to respond tomorrow (06). Accordingly, the Speaker will inform parliament on his stance on Aug. 07.

According to the constitution, the position of PM goes to the party with the majority of seats in parliament. A coalition is sought with minor parties when a majority does not exist.

The party with the next highest number of parliamentary seats secures the position of opposition leader. In this case it is the UPFA and as it is a government stakeholder, the position was then given to the party with the third highest number of parliamentary seats - the TNA.

However, it is said that the Joint Opposition is prepared to take action if the Speaker rejects their request.

(Source : Lakbima)