Aug 08, 2018

Army Intelligence Major gets death sentence!

The Jaffna High Court today handed Military Intelligence active members Major Dickson Rajamanthri and Corporal Rajakaruna the death sentence.

The verdict was handed after the case was heard where an LTTE senior member was arrested in 1998 in Thirunalveli and he had taken ill while being questioned and later had died.

The LTTE member was arrested after it was revealed that he was an active terrorist who had engaged in setting up claymore bombs in Jaffna.

The police had commenced an investigation at the time and Rajamanthri, Ronnie Batholameus and the Corporal were produced in court over the incident and was remanded for over 10 months.

However, after their release they had re-joined active military service and were serving in the military right until today’s verdict.

According to military sources, Major Rajamanthri who was sentenced to death had served in the military intelligence in Jaffna for around 11 years and had been instrumental in obtaining much information on the LTTE secret missions and international supply lines.

He had also been a key figure in the operation to capture Prabhakaran’s stronghold in Mulaithivu One Four base and had actively engaged in the military operations from Weli-Oya in the 4th Eelam war.