Aug 11, 2018

Punishment for deer killers (Video)

The two suspects involved in the killing of a deer with antlers using a locally manufactured gun was fined Rs. 60,000 by the Puttalam Magistrate Lahiru N. Silva.

The Magistrate also ordered the police to hand over the carcass of the deer to the wildlife officers to be destroyed.

The two suspects who were fined were Bulathsinhala Arachchilage Wijesinghe of Madurankuliya –Unaveliya and Adikarimudiyanselage Chandana Padmasiri a resident of Mahakumbukkadawala – Sembukuliya.

The two suspects were apprehended by the Madurankuliya Police Post officers on August 10 and produced in court.

File photos

The investigation was initiated after the Madurankuliya police post officers received information that a deer had been shot and killed by hitting it with poles at a coconut estate on the Madurankuliya – Mahakumbukkadawala road.

The police had arrested the two suspects and taken into custody the male deer weighing 64 kg.

One of the suspects is said to be the watcher of the relevant coconut estate while the other is the watcher of an adjoining estate.

An antler of the killed deer is around two feet and two inches.

Police investigations have revealed that the two suspects had been in the practice of killing the deer that come to the estate in search of water and food and selling their flesh.

Pix by Jude Samantha – Puttalam Corr.