A. E. Gunasinghe forgotten on May Day!



A. E. Gunasinghe, who introduced the May Day for the first time in Sri Lanka to safeguard the rights of the working people, had been forgotten by all political parties yesterday (01).

Mr. Gunasinghe’s 133rd birthday celebration was also held yesterday (01) and his granddaughter Jasmin Koch paid floral tributes to his statue at Gunasinghepura by herself.

Mr. Gunasinghe is considered as the political teacher of former President Ranasinghe Premadasa.

Though the Colombo Municipal Council annually offers floral tributes to Mr.Gunasinghe’s statue on May 1, no flowers were offered yesterday.

Mr. Gunasinghe, who was elected to the Colombo Municipal Council, also made history as the first Sinhala Buddhist Mayor.


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