Activists of Aragalaya struggling now: Rohitha



SLPP MP Rohitha Abeygunawardena said in Parliament yesterday (09) that the main suspect behind the death of a school girl at a Kalutara hotel was the Aragalaya’s main organizer in Kalutara.

The MP said that some Aragalaya activists are unemployed and their purpose of life is to hate others.

“Some are addicted to drugs. There are about 4,000 of such people. There were many different types of people at the Aragalaya site at the Galle Face Green. They set up tents and even cultivated crops. You can see what has happened to them today. I am not talking about these things out of happiness, especially since someone is in trouble. One Kattadiya performed a ritual to remove the President at the Aragalaya site and this Kattadiya was later killed in a lightning strike. That’s number one. There was a library at the Aragalaya and the librarian committed suicide. The person who made Vesak lanterns in black is now at the National Institute of Mental Health, Angoda. Another main activist was killed after being hit by a train. The person who insulted Mahinda Rajapaksa died suddenly in Lanka Hospital.”

“There’s more. The person who stole the President’s flag and put it on his bed was injured in an accident two weeks ago. A suspect in the killing of MP Athukorala passed away in prison. On the day of Vesak, a girl was taken to a hotel in Kalutara by another activist. We do not know how the child died. However, the main suspect in that incident is the Kalutara district organizer of the Aragalaya. He’s been married to two women,” he said.


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