AG clearance for Draft Bill on ‘Security of Online Methods’



The Attorney General has given his clearance for the draft bill on the security of online methods drafted by the Legal Draftsman with the objective of safeguarding the general society from the damages caused by false information publicizing and discriminating control through the internet. 

As appeared in section III of the said draft bill, the following actions have been misinterpreted in the provisions of this Act;• Communication of false statements on the incidents within Sri Lanka
• False statements causing defame
• Pave way for riots by provocation without reason
• Disturbing a religious assembly through false statements
• Communication of false statements with the sole intention of hurting religious emotions
• Communication of false statements with the sole intention and with the sole intention for the abomination of religious emotions
• Fraud
• Cheating by appearing some other person
• Defaming intentionally by a false statement with the objective of arousing for violation of peace
• Circulation of false statements with the intention of causing a riot or an offense against the Government
• Communication of statements on incidents to cause harassment.
• Child abuse

• Production of bots or modifying them for causing an offense.Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the resolution furnished by the Ministry of Public Security to publish the above draft bill in the government gazette and subsequently submit the same to the Parliament for its concurrence.  


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