Ajith Rohana’s transfer changed!



Sources of the National Police Commission (NPC) said that it has been decided to transfer Mr. Ajith Rohana, who held the position of Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of the Southern Province, to the Police Headquarters instead of being transferred to the Eastern Province.

This decision has been taken unanimously by the NPC members including its chairman.

It was also said that an investigation will be conducted into the matters mentioned in his letter.

SDIG Ajith Rohana and Priyantha Weerasuriya arrived at the NPC yesterday and submitted complaints regarding the transfers given to them.

Subject to the approval of the National Police Commission, the Secretary of the Ministry of Public Security had transferred seven senior DIGs with immediate effect from yesterday.

They are; Lalith Pathinayake, Ajith Rohana, Priyantha Weerasuriya, Sajeewa Medawatta, W.K. Jayalath, Ranmal Kodithuvakku and W.K. Silva.

In a letter to the Ministry’s Secretary, SDIG Ajith Rohana highlighted that the relevant order was neither issued by the National Police Commission,  nor with their approval, thereby making it both illegal and unconstitutional.

In a separate letter addressed to the Chairman of the National Police Commission, Chandra Fernando, SDIG Ajith Rohana has alleged the Public Security Minister Tiran Alles’ decision to transfer him is ‘malicious, arbitrary and unreasonable’.

“The minister does all these malicious acts to harass us and protect one SDIG,” he has noted.

Therefore, Mr. Rohana requested the NPC to consider his situation and not approve the ‘malicious’ recommendation given to transfer him.

Meanwhile, SDIG Weerasuriya has also sent a letter to the Chairman of the Police Commission protesting his transfer.

It is stated in the letter that recently he has observed a way of giving emergency transfers to senior DIGs without giving reasons, and due to this, a chaotic situation has arisen among the DIGs.

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