Anuradha & Ravi avoid paying casino taxes



A complaint has been made to Central Bank Governor Dr. P. Nandalal Weerasinghe over casino businessmen Anuradha Perera and Ravi Wijeratne holding positions on the boards of directors of Vallibel Finance and SMB Finance PLC.

In their complaint, Magen Ratata Organisation President Sanjaya Mahawatta and United National Self-Employed Traders Association President Charles said the two businessmen are on bail from Court No. 08 of the Colombo High Court for non-payment of casino taxes.

It is said that businessman Ravi Wijeratne has unpaid casino tax amounting to Rs.760 million.

They pointed out that people with such allegations are unfit to be directors of financial companies.

Mr. Mahawatta spoke to the media after making the complaint to the Central Bank on the 22nd.

Below is the written complaint.

Attached below is the document on Ravi Wijeratne’s unpaid taxes.


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