Arrested sex worker in possession of assets worth Rs.100mn!



Five people including two Thai nationals were arrested after a brothel in a two-storey building in Kollupitiya was raided by the Panadura-Walana Anti-Corruption Unit.

Among the other three suspects are a 24-year-old Sri Lankan girl who provides sex services at higher prices, the manager of the brothel and an ex-army officer who operated it.

Preliminary investigations revealed that local and foreign wealthy personnel have visited the brothel seeking the service of women.

Police said the seven-year-old daughter of the 24-year-old girl was also present at the venue.

The raid was carried out by the officers of the Panadura-Walana Anti-Corruption Unit using an informant who paid Rs.10,000 to a woman.

Police said the two Thai girls who were among the five arrested did not even have their passports with them.

Police investigations revealed that the arrested 24-year-old Sri Lankan girl owns property worth around Rs.100 million including three luxury cars and a three-storey house under construction in Piliyandala in her name.

During the questioning, the suspect has said that these assets were earned from prostitution and that she earns about Rs.130,000 per day.

Investigations also revealed that she had even given a loan of 3.5 million rupees to the manager of the brothel to repair it.

The main suspect, the ex-army officer, was admitted to the Colombo National Hospital amid police protection as he was suffering from an illness.

The owners have operated the brothel in the Kollupitiya police division with the blessings of senior officials of the Kollupitiya Police.

The Panadura-Walana Anti-Corruption Unit has obtained a search warrant from the court to conduct this raid and many brothels and massage parlours in Kollupitiya have received information about the raid beforehand.

Police said that they will get the assistance of a translator through the Thai Embassy to get statements from the arrested Thai nationals.


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