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Ballot paper printing not yet started?



Although the distribution of postal ballots should commence on February 15, the Government Printing Department sources said that not a single ballot paper has been printed so far.

Meanwhile, an official of the Election Commission has informed a senior official of the Government Press that he will complain to the court if the ballot papers are not printed.

It is reported that there was an argument in this regard during a discussion held last Friday between Elections Commissioner General Saman Sri Ratnayake and the Government Printer.

The Election Commission has not made any payment for the printing work done so far to the Government Press.

It said the printing of ballot papers should be commenced since the Supreme Court has given an order to go ahead with the election.

Lies of the Election Commission

Meanwhile, the Election Commission has informed the divisional secretaries and politicians that the printing of ballot papers has commenced.

Stocks of paper have been allocated for printing of ballot papers, computer designs (artwork) have been completed but no ballot papers have been printed so far.

It has been the tradition for the election commission to settle the payments required for printing of ballot papers once the election has been held.

However, it is reported that only part of the money given by the Treasury and the candidate’s bail money has been sent to the government press.

“Rs.40mn given to print ballot papers which is enough only for 10 districts”

A trade union member of the government printing department has told the media that an inquiry has been made from the Attorney General asking if ballot papers should be printed on Friday.

“The press has still not received an answer. The printing will commence tomorrow once the Attorney General gives his opinion,” he said.

A number of government officials have been called by the Elections Commissioner General to discuss holding the election on credit terms, but none of them have attended the meeting.

It is against this backdrop that certain media have reported that the postal voting will not be held as planned on February 22, 23, 24 due to the lack of financial allocations for the poll.

Enough paper and ink for the election!

Meanwhile, it was reported that the reports published in some media that the government press does not have necessary paper and ink for the printing works related to the local government elections are false.

As ballot papers are printed using paper with security watermarks only in a presidential election and a general election, 80gsm normal white paper is used for the printing of provincial council and local government elections’ ballots papers. The government printing department has more than enough such paper and ink, it was reported.

In this situation, a printing department official emphasized that there is no need to buy paper and ink immediately for local government election activities.

Source – The Leader


Ensure safety of Saliya Peiris – BASL




In a letter to the Inspector General of Police, the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) has requested the police take necessary action to ensure the safety of the BASL President – Saliya Pieris.

The letter to the IGP relates to the protest that took place opposite the chamber of Saliya Pieris PC.

view the said protest seriously hinders his right to represent a client, a professional right which has been safeguarded by law,” the BASL said.

“Therefore, we strongly demand that you take action to ensure that Mr. Peiris’s professional duties as an Attorney-at-law, are not hindered and to ensure his safety,” the BASL added.

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Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery exhibition held in Shanghai




A Sri Lankan Gem and Jewellery Exhibition was held at The St. Regis Hotel in Shanghai between 22 to 23 March 2023 with the participation of Zam Gems Sri Lanka under the patronage of Sri Lanka Consulate General in Shanghai.

At the exhibition, Sri Lankan gems which included blue sapphires, pink sapphires (rubies), Alexandrite and Cat’s-eye Chrysoberyl were displayed. In addition, a variety of jewellery including necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets which were crafted using above mentioned Sri Lankan gems and stones were also exhibited.

The Chairman of Shanghai Jade and Gem Exchange Simon Chan participated in the event with his team of officials and reputed Chinese buyers.  In addition, many other buyers across China, Gem and Jewellery traders, gem collectors, members of Shanghai Diplomatic Corp,  expatriates as well as other interested parties and visitors were present at the event.

Further, the Consulate used this opportunity to promote Sri Lanka tourism by displaying and distributing Sri Lanka tourism brochures among prospective gem buyers, members of Diplomatic Corp and visitors while responding to tourism related queries.

This event, which was the 01st Gem and Jewellery exhibition held in Shanghai in the aftermath of the opening up of Chinese borders (ending months long Covid-19 restrictions), proved to be a huge success.

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Dept of Wildlife steps into restore coral reefs in Hikkaduwa




The Wildlife Conservation Department has focused on restoring the Hikkaduwa Coral Reef, which is 90 percent dead.

Under the programme live coral parts washed ashore with the waves are planted on coconut shell-shaped cement blocks and nursed in the shallow and medium-deep seabed of Hikkaduwa Marine National Park.

These coral nurseries are constantly monitored by wildlife officers. It is expected that this project will continue for the next five years. It is hoped to replace the well-grown corals in the coral reef in due course.

The Department of Wildlife Conservation is making preliminary plans to carry out a similar coral restoration project at the Kalpitiya Coral Reef Sanctuary.

For this motive, the Department of Wildlife Conservation is supported by the Ocean Resource Conservation Agency (ORCA) and the Boat Owners Association.

(report and pics :

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