Ban air passengers from wearing Gold jewellery of more than 22 carats



The government has decided to implement the law against people who come to Sri Lanka as air passengers for the purpose of smuggling gold articles unnecessarily, Finance State Minister Ranjith Siambalapitiya said.

Accordingly, people arriving in the country wearing gold items of more than 22 carats without the permission of the Controller General of Imports and Exports will be suspended.

Customs officials have been informed to use special techniques to ascertain the condition and quantities of gold articles.

The State Minister pointed out that the related gazette notification in this regard will be issued next week It is also mentioned that neither the foreign employees coming from abroad nor the normal air passengers will be affected by this.

Information has been revealed that about 50 kilograms of gold are being brought to Sri Lanka by smugglers on a daily basis by misusing the goven permission for passengers.

Accordigly, the permission had been given for air passengers to bring any gold item without any standard or limit.

It has also been reported that some smugglers travel overseas daily along with the passengers and bring 24 carat gold ornaments with them.

It is estimated that 30 million dollars of foreign exchange is lost per month.

The decision was take following a report received by the minister from the customs director General.


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