Beware of contaminated chicken – CAA



The Consumer Affairs Authority warns the general public to pay careful attention when purchasing chicken, due to the recent floods experienced in the country.

CAA Director Raids and Special Investigations, Sanjaya Irasinghe said that chickens killed due to the floods were being sold in the markets. He warned that the consumption of such contaminated food is dangerous to health.

“We have received information of the sale of chickens killed due to the recent floods. They have been cleaned and packeted prior to sale. We have been conducting investigations and carrying out raids in this regard. This is happening island-wide. Pay attention to chicken that looks reddish in colour, these would be contaminated. Germs contained within would most probably not be destroyed even if you boil at high temperatures. If you have any information regarding this issue, please contact the CAA”

He further stated “Many of the warehouses of food items are near the Kelaniya river. If they have been affected by the recent floods, you may see ads on YouTube and Facebook with discounted prices and online sales. Don’t get caught to these. Please inform 1977 if you see such ads”.


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