Boxer addicted to drugs beaten up by underworld gang in Kandy



Police investigations have revealed that the incident in which a former boxer was abducted at Hospital Lane in Kandy, beaten up with iron rods and left near a stadium in Hanthana, was the result of a conflict between two underworld gangs involved in drug trafficking.

The 22-year-old man, who was once known as a skilled boxer, was arrested earlier with 10 grams of drugs. He was released on bail after being remanded.

The police have received the report of the seized heroin after it was sent to the Government Analyst, and it has been confirmed that there were 8 grams of pure drugs in it.

The ruling in the case is to be delivered by the Kandy High Court next month.

Meanwhile, this youth was abducted by four persons who came in three-wheelers near his house at Hospital Lane, Kandy at around 8:00 pm recently (12).

The youth’s relatives said his legs and fingers were broken when he was found abandoned near a stadium at Hanthana. They also said that several burn injuries were seen on his body.

The mother of the youth said an individual came to their house to talk about an issue related to a motorcycle with her son. When he had come out of the house, a group of people arrived in two three-wheelers had attacked him and taken him away in one of the three-wheelers.

A relative of the victim said that they searched all over Kandy and the youth was later found abandoned near the stadium.

His father has passed away while his mother is also facing three cases in court for drug possession, police said.

A brother and a sister of this youth have also been arrested by the police and remanded after being presented in the court for drug possession.

The victim, who was once a talented boxer, has travelled to several countries like Malaysia and India as a player.

Police suspect that he may have been kidnapped by a major gang involved in drug trafficking in the Bogambara area.

Source: Dinamina


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