Boyfriend throws acid at student sitting for A/L!



A student who was on her way to sit for the A/L examination was attacked with acid by a young man who claimed to be her boyfriend.

The student, her father and the suspect suffered burn injuries due to spilled acid and were admitted to the Kegalle General Hospital yesterday afternoon (23).

When the student was travelling with her father to the examination centre in Kegalle in a three-wheeler, the suspect had blocked the vehicle with his motorcycle at Paragammana, grabbed the student and tried to force acid down her throat.

The 21-year-old student’s father (45) had attempted to prevent the suspect (21) from attacking her daughter.

The father had snatched the acid bottle and attacked the young man. However, acid was spilled during the attack causing injuries to all three.

The student’s mother has told the police that her daughter had been in a romantic relationship with the 21-year-old boy of a friend of hers for some time. Both families have consented to the relationship.

On several occasions, the boyfriend had expressed his unwillingness to the student’s desire to pursue further education.

Therefore, the student has proposed to end the relationship due to strict rules imposed by the boyfriend.

The angered young man had even sent a text message saying that he would attack the student with acid.

Source: Aruna


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