Brian Thomas’s DNA to be tested over Schaffter’s death



Colombo Additional Magistrate Rajindra Jayasuriya yesterday (24) granted permission to obtain a DNA report on former cricket commentator Brian Thomas over the death of late Director of Janashakthi PLC Dinesh Schaffter.

The Magistrate issued this order on the request of the members of the five-member expert panel chaired by Asela Mendis, Professor of Forensic Medicine of the University of Colombo, appointed by the court in relation to the incident.

This request has been made after it was revealed that there are two more unidentified biological samples based on the DNA reports obtained into the death.

The government analyst reported to the court that the water bottle used by Mr. Schaffter, the cable wire that was used to strangle him and the zip tie that was used to tie his hands contained unidentified biological samples.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) informed the Court that according to the tests, the DNA samples obtained from the Borella Cemetery watchmen and four other persons including a Police officer do not match with the DNA samples taken from the place where Schaffter was found.

In addition, the CID told the court that medical reports showed that the vomit on Mr.Schaffter’s shirt contained poison.

The expert panel said that more time is needed to arrive at a final decision regarding this death and since investigation reports are being received from time to time, these should be properly investigated.

The aggrieved party agreed to provide all the support to the expert panel.

After considering the facts, the Magistrate issued the orders and asked the panel to submit the conclusion over the death as soon as possible.


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