Buddhist and Pali University suspends lecturer Sumanasara Thera!



The Buddhist and Pali University has suspended its temporary lecturer Ethkandure Sumanasara Thera until the completion of formal disciplinary investigations into his alleged misconduct.

Dereliction of duty, misconduct, bringing dishonour to the university, indecent behavior, abusing the power of the position to travel abroad are among the charges levelled against the Thera.

Among the allegations is the accusation of bringing dishonour to the university as Sumanasara Thera has been named as a co-defendant in a divorce case filed under 3063 D in the Kaduwela District Court.

Accordingly, university sources say that disciplinary investigations are being carried out in relation to eleven allegations.

Sumanasara Thera also contributes to a television programme titled “a successful family life” where he gives advice to the people.

Alleging that Lecturer Thera is having an affair with his wife, a Dayaka Sabha member of his temple has filed a lawsuit to divorce his wife demanding compensation of 250 million rupees from the Thera.

The plaintiff has submitted video evidence to the court showing how the Thera had kept his wife at two houses.


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