Cabinet decision on registration of electric three wheelers



Electricity charged batteries are used to manufacture electric three wheelers and to convert petrol or diesel powered three wheelers into three wheelers running on electric power.

It has been recognized that the tare weight of such three-wheelers exceeds 500 kg due to this reason.  

According to the interpretation of the Motor Vehicles Act, the tare weight of a motor tricycle should not exceed 500 kg and the gross weight should not exceed 1000 kg. 

Accordingly, approval of the Cabinet of Ministers was received on August 08, 2022 to amend the Motor Vehicle Act by removing the existing obstacle to the registration of electric three-wheelers.

The Bill prepared accordingly by the legal draftsman has received the clearance of the Attorney General. 

As such, the Cabinet of Ministers has approved the proposal presented by the Minister of Transport and Highways to publish the said Bill in the Government Gazette and to subsequently submit for parliamentary approval.


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