‘Channel eye’ leased out without transparency: Sajith



Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa accused the government of selling off state television channels when the country is going through a financial crisis.

He said the government is ready to sell the majority of national resources and that as a part of this move, it is preparing to sell ‘Channel Eye’ owned by the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation.

“Now it has been leased out to the private sector without any procurement process and transparency,” the Opposition Leader said speaking at a ceremony held in Ampara yesterday (14).

He said that even if the government has financial issues, there should be a proper system to connect new investors to a state media institution when leasing them out.

“There is a game afoot to sell public resources as the government sees fit. At this rate, the government will eventually privatise government schools and hospitals as well,” he said.

“We should be united against the selling of valuable resources of the country. All these resources belong to the people and there should be a transparent procurement system to lease them out. We will not allow the privatization of the education or health sector,” Opposition Leader Premadasa said.


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