China School Uniform Donation; Scheduled to arrive on Jan. 6th



The Chinese Embassy in Colombo said in a tweet that China is going to donate 5 billion rupees (RMB 90 million) of school uniforms to cover 70% of the school uniform needs of Sri Lankan students.

It further states that everything is ready to send the first batch of ready-made clothes from China to Sri Lanka.

The stock of uniforms is scheduled to arrive at the port of Colombo on January 06.

Accordingly, the items included in the first ready-made clothing stock are as follows.

  • Shirt/Frock- White, 2374427.5 meters
  • Trouser-White, 350031.5 meters
  • Trouser-Blue, 150003.5 meters
  • Robe-Orange, 138134 meters


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