Chinese Fin Min assures to support SL’s credit optimization



Chinese Finance Minister Liu Kun has reaffirmed China’s commitment to extend comprehensive support for the implementation of a medium-term and long-term programme that is mutually beneficial to both parties and aimed at optimizing Sri Lanka’s debt.

The Chinese Finance Minister conveyed this commitment during bilateral discussions held last morning (19) in Beijing with President Ranil Wickremesinghe, the President’s Media Division said.

Minister Liu Kun emphasized that China has a profound understanding of the economic challenges confronting Sri Lanka and commended the progress and measures Sri Lanka has taken thus far to address the on-going economic crisis.

Furthermore, he expressed China’s unwavering commitment to providing robust support for the enhancement of the necessary infrastructure crucial for Sri Lanka’s development.

The Chinese Finance Minister also highlighted the in-depth discussions that transpired regarding financial interactions between Sri Lanka and China, underscoring the collaboration with international organizations closely associated with China, aimed at furnishing additional support to Sri Lanka.

President Wickremesinghe expressed his profound appreciation for China’s consistent support as Sri Lanka endeavours to overcome economic challenges. Discussions also delved into the program designed to spur economic recovery and foster the creation of a competitive, digitally advanced and environmentally friendly economy in Sri Lanka.

Prez holds talks with major Chinese corporations

President Ranil Wickremesinghe also conducted significant deliberations yesterday (19) with representatives from several major Chinese corporations, including China Communications Construction Corporation, Sinopec Company and BYD Company.

These discussions placed considerable emphasis on the exploration of prospective investment opportunities and avenues within Sri Lanka. Key focal points included the development of the port city as an international financial centre, the formulation of new financial regulations specific to the Port City and the establishment of judicial and arbitration mechanisms exclusively applicable to the Port City.

Furthermore, the dialogue encompassed various sectors, including the electrification of Sri Lanka’s transportation systems, electric vehicle assembly and electric train services, the PMD said.

The corporate representatives of these companies expressed their unwavering commitment to extending optimal support for the advancement of Sri Lanka’s economy and to seize the investment prospects the country offers.


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