Choka Malli’s ministry gets Rs. 08 mn. electricity bill



State Minister for Ports and Aviation, Premalal Jayasekara alias ‘Choka Malli’ has said that his state ministry has received an electricity bill totalling Rs. 08 million.

He points out that the ‘Red Bill’, has warned of a power disconnection at the ministry premises which is located at the World Trade Centre, unless the amount is settled.

Speaking, the State Minister said that although he has already informed the Minister of Ports and Aviation – Nimal Siripala de Silva as well as the ministry secretary, the payment is yet to be settled.

Criticizing the minister, Jayasekera had also said that he would expose fraud and corruption taking place at the Ministry of Ports and Aviation.

The State Minister also noted that he had already requested for his office to be shifted, in a bid to reduce state expenditure, but no one has responded to what he had to say.


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